Video Surveillance

CCTV Services

Video surveillance is also known as closed-circuit televisions (CCTV). CCTV consists of video cameras that transmit signals to a specific or limited set of monitors. You can use these systems for area that may need extra monitoring or surveillance. Several forms of CCTV can provide recording options that include a variety extra features for your convenience.

These systems may include better quality, motion-detection sensors, or email alerts so you are fully aware of your property at all times. PNC Datacom provides systems that may operate continuously or as required for particular events or specific times.

CCTV is often used in the following areas:

  • Banks
  • Casinos
  • Airports
  • Military installations
  • Convenience stores
  • Electronics storage facilities
  • Office spaces

PNC Datacom can install CCTV systems on the premises of your company with little or no disruption to your workplace. The presence of CCTV can provide security in your workspace to help protect your equipment, merchandise, and workers.

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